We make your business more profitable​

With our smart system many of our customers have increased their bottom line profitability by 200 percent​.

We help you set your pricing strategy

Our revenue management experts help you create and systematize your pricing strategy. 

We value your time

With a systematized pricing, the prices are constantly updated and you will save a lot of time.

We give quick support

We are a Swedish company with local support. With background from the hotel business we speak your language.

Always the right rate

We systematize your pricing so that you can feel confident that your business always has the prices you want it to have.

Correct levels open

We have run a BW hotel ourselves for many years and we wish we had this feature back then! ​

Group statistics​

Do you have several hotels with different PMS? No problem, we are integrated with most PMS and can therefore provide statistics at group level. You can also group your stats however you want. ​

Group pricing​

With our displacement calculation, you will find out what is the most profitable price for group requests. ​

Camp sites​

Our system also calculates the most profitable price for caravan and tent pitches. ​

Can I afford a system?​

Yes, we have many smaller businesses as customers. Instead, ask yourself if you can afford NOT to have a system that constantly updates your prices.

You decide the price​

We have been in the hotel industry ourselves and know that we humans sometimes know better than the machines. ​

We will help you with the messy system flora ​

We have many years of experience in the hotel industry and therefore know which systems work well together. ​

We will increase your profit on packages​

We increase your total profitability through flexible pricing and maximization of package sales at lower demand. ​

We give you vacation opportunities ​

Set the program on autopilot and it will manage your pricing strategy when you are away or when someone on staff quits. ​

Forecast / Budget

Because our algorithm constantly predicts demand for each day, you always have an updated forecast of future revenue. You can also enter your budget. ​

Campaign feature​

With our campaign function, you can participate with different prices in different channels without the rate parity being affected. ​

We maximize profitability on your room structure​

In our system, the room structure is built to dynamically price different types of rooms. ​

The Tetris feature​

This feature is extremely good, but takes a bit longer to explain. Contact Us! ​

Automatic restrictions​

With our automatic restrictions feature, the system adds and removes restrictions based on what is most profitable. And you get a complete overview of what's out there right now. ​

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