Always the right rate

Setting the correct rate on hotel rooms should be quick and easy. That's why we exist.

Price My Hotel Room

Price My Hotel Room is a Revenue Management System (RMS). The software helps hoteliers to set the correct rate on their rooms. The company is based in Sweden and we have a long experience in the revenue management business.

Your price strategy

In Price My Hotel room we use your pricing strategy to come up with the price suggestions. You decide which competitors are important, how to relate to them, how different market situations should be handled etc. We adopt to your market, not the other way around. 

The correct rate, always

It's time consuming to set rates on your rooms. We think that your time can be used better. With a software that keeps track on when a rate decision has to be made you can easily have the right rate 365 days a year. That will affect on your bottom line.

Easy + Good = True

Making good pricing decisions requires a lot of information. We have gathered all you need in one place to make your job easy and efficient. Our software doesn't require any installation and works great on all devices.



Price My Hotel Room has 2-way connections to a variety of hotel systems. Our customers include independent hotels, chains and franchises. Small and large, our solution fits all.



Regardless of whether prices are to be set on a room or bed space, we have the solution for you. Our customers include City Hostels as well as hostels in beautiful nature.


Camping & Cottages

Tents, caravans, motorhomes and cottages all in one solution. There is a lot of money to be made while getting rid of unnecessary administration.


The prices of your competitors have a great impact on what price your rooms should have. Prices for your competitors are available in Price My Hotel Room.


Group bookings can be difficult to set the correct price on. Price My Hotel Room includes a group calculation feature to help you. It takes into account competitor prices, availability and market situation. Enter the date and number of rooms and you will get the answer right away.

Always at work

There is always something happening at your hotels or in the market. A room is booked, a competitor raises its price, another competitor gets fully booked. To always provide valuable price suggestions, we make new calculations as needed.


Different market situations require different strategies. The number of rooms that will be left at a certain time varies. We look at your booking rate and adjust the price accordingly.


Being able to predict how the occupancy rate will be in a market is an incredible advantage. We'll help you with that. Both using historical data and the current behavior of competitors.


Price My Hotel Room can be run manually and/or automatically. Most customers choose a combination.

PMS Integrations

Channel Managers & Data Integrations


Together with you, we go through your pricing strategy. We configure the system and make sure the prices are right.


Price My Hotel Room is intuitive and easy to understand. We train you in an efficient and sustainable process that ensures quality.


We connect your PMS with Price My Hotel Room. We also make sure that your competitors' prices are in the system.


Sometimes you need help and preferably in the right language. We speak both Swedish and English.

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